Model HTC-1034 With Color Paver

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All In One Color Paver, Solid Block, Fly Ash Bricks, Curb Stone, Etc...

Photos Of Model HTC-1034 With Color Paver


Total Power Require: 37.5 HP / 3 Phases

Oil Tank Capacity: 400 Liter, Standard Company, Grade 68 No. Hydraulic Oil

Production Capacity: Shift (100% 8 Hour): Color Paver- 7000 to 7500 / Solid & Hollow Block- 2500 to 3000 / Bricks- 10000 to 11000.

Paver Block / Stock: 6 Block or depend on design (Design as per requirement) /

Solid & Hollow Block / Stock: 2 Block or depend on design (Size As per requirement) /

Bricks / Stock- 8 Bricks (230 X 110 X 75mm or as per requirement

Hi-Tech Vibro System: 10HP

Punch Vibro: 2 HP

Pallet Forward System: 1 Hp

Varam System: 1 HP

System Vibro, Oil Cooling, Pallet Auto Cut, Varam System, Magnetic System, Special Oil Filter, Feeding & Mould Gap Adjustable Plate, etc…

Auto Color Feeding: Auto Double Feeder Attachment for Top Layer / Color Paver

Pan Mixer: 1 Nos. / 6 Ft. 600 Kg Capacity, Heavy Duty (Roller & Blade)  Powerful Worm Reduction Gear Box Transmission Unit

Conveyor: Ft 30 X Width 18 Inch X Thickness 8mm (Dunlop/MRF Belt)

Color Mixer (Drum Type): Color Mixing for Top Layer of Paver Blocks.

Auto PLC: Fully Auto PLC operating all system & Warranted safety system with HMI Display




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