Model HTC-1027 Vibro All In One

Product Details

Vibro press block machine

Hydraulic vibro press block machine

Vibro Press Block Brick Making Machine

German tech vibro press block machine

German technology vibro press block machine

paver block making machine manufacturer

fully automatic paver block making machine

hydraulic paver block making machine

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  1. Total Power Require: 71 HP, 53.25KW, 3 Phases.
  2. Oil Tank Capacity: 450 Liter, Standard Company, Grade 68 No. Hydraulic Oil,
  3. Production Capacity per Shift 8 Hour: Color Paver- 10000 to 12000, Solid & Hollow Block- 4000 to 4500, Bricks- 19000 to 20000.
  4. Paver Block per Stock: 10 Block or depend on design (Design as per requirement).
  5. Solid & Hollow Block per Stock: 3 or 4 Block or depend on sign (Size As per requirement).
  6. Bricks per Stock: 12 Bricks (230 X 110 X 75mm or as per requirement.
  7. Hi-Tech Vibro System: 15 HP.
  8. Punch Vibro: 2 HP.
  9. Pallet Forward System: 1 HP.
  10. Varam System: 1 HP.
  11. System Vibro, Oil Cooling, Pallet Auto Cut, Varam System, Magnetic System, Special Oil Filter, Feeding & Mould Gap Adjustable Plate, etc…
  12. Auto Color Feeding: Auto Double Feeder Attachment for Top Layer, Color Paver.
  13. Pan Mixer: 2 Nos. (7 Ft. 900 Kg Capacity, Heavy Duty Roller & Blade) Powerful Worm Reduction Gear Box Transmission Unit.
  14. Conveyor: 2Nos, Ft 30 X Width 24 Inch X Thickness 8mm & Ft 18 X Width 18 Inch X Thickness 8mm Belt For Color, Dunlop or MRF.
  15. Auto Pallet Stacker (Gear Type): For Shifting & Arranging Green Bricks Pallet from Press to pallet Truck or Stacker System.
  16. Color Pan Mixer: 1 Nos. 3 Ft. 200 Kg Capacity Heavy Duty.
  17. Auto PLC: Fully Auto PLC operating all system & Warranted safety system with HMI Display.
  18. Note: Specifications are subject to change for improvement, Engineering drawing for civil work and shed for the machine installation.

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