Concrete Weight Batcher Plant and Silo

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Auto Weigh Batcher Plant

3Bin Inline Batching Plant - 8 Ton capacity, 3 Bin Batching Plant made of 4mm thickness, Ms Plate with 100x50mm Channel supports, Capacity of each Bin 8tons (Size 7*6*6) all Bin Auto Feed Pneumatic system, 750 mm wide conveyor belt for receiving material and weightment, 5 hp Motor and Transmission. Conveyor belt supported on load cells, Hopper to retain material on conveyor belt. 0.25HP (3Nos.)Vibrator motor for Fly ash Hopper (Bin), Sand Hopper (Bin) and Concrete Hopper (Bin).


Panel Board- Suitable to operate all above system with all Electronics and wiring, Digital display meters for each material, powder coated body made of MS steel, All preventive items and PLC where ever necessary.


Air Compressor- 5 HP, Double Piston Air Flow 20cfm with Auto Switch, Air Filter with lubricant For Pneumatic system operation.


Cement  Screw Conveyor Hopper with Load cell & Butter Fly Walve- Cement screw conveyor 18Ft, 5 HP motor and Transmission box with assembly, Capacity 100 kg. Per five minutes made of MS pipe and MS blades. Bottom Hopper, Capacity 400 kg load with 0.25hp Vibrator, Upper Hopper with Load cell 0.25HP Vibrator.

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